An Answer to ‘Why Won’t This Just End Already?’

Darkness encompassed us, coming up from behind and stretching out as far as the eye couldn’t see. Soaked as it were by the sky, I kept walking. We all did.

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Sparks are Not Enough

Sparks. Over and over again just sparks. I sat on my makeshift camping chair (a large, fallen branch) for two hours striking that “flint” (a rock I found in the woods) with my steel buffalo striker, rubbing my knuckles raw, and nothing.

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9 LDS Conference Talks for Depression, Emotional Distress

It’s now been four years since we first heard Elder Jeffrey R. Holland give his ground-breaking talk Like a Broken Vessel. But this isn’t the first time prophets and apostles have given inspiring words for those struggling with depression, anxiety, and other emotional distress. Here are just a few General Conference addresses that can inspire even in the darkest of times.

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